Celiac Disease-Gluten Free Products


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Judy J. Davis, M.D., F.A.A.P.

1095 E Warner Ave #102

Fresno, CA 93710

(559) 412-8184 Fax (559) 438-1174

Gluten Free Products


Gorilla Munch Cereal                                                       

Koala Crisp

Amazon Frosted Flakes

Vanilla Animal Cookies                                        

Crispy Rice Berry Bars


Lemon/Citron Wafer Cookies

Vanilla Sandwich Cookies

Chocolate Covered Wafer Cookies

Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Pamela’s Products

Baking &Pancake Mix

Assortment of Cookies (all taste great)

Chocolate Walnut Biscotti

Almond Anise Biscotti

Gluten Free Pantry

(Sub/Glutino out of Canada)

Angel Food Cake

Muffin & Scone Mix


English Muffins

Pizza Crust (are really good and are kept frozen)


No Gluten Large Cookies


Steel Cut Oatmeal                                                         

Instant Oatmeal                                                                

Fortitude Brands                                           

Homestyle Golden Coatings

   (sub for bread crumbs)

Judy Davis, MD, FAAP

Fellow American Academy of Pediatrics

Fellow Sub-Board American Academy of Pediatric Gastroenterology

American Board of Nutrition

Clinical Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of California, San Francisco

Revised 10/16

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